WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

Important Note: The material on this blog is under preparation. Some of the information contained in it may be incomplete or (inadvertantly) incorrect. All readers may please keep that in mind.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


- Western Europe:

¨ Christine Marty, BVA, France

¨ Einar Einarson, Capacent, Island

- Eastern Europe:

¨ Andrey Milekin, Romir, Russia

¨ Michael Bartha, Mareco, Czech Republic

- West Asia:

¨ Raghu Roy, MaRS, India

¨ Sami Raffoul, PARC, UAE

- Asia Pacific:

¨ I.K.Kang, Gallup Korea, Korea

¨ Inahiro Suzuki, NRC Research, Japan

- Americas:

¨ Laure Castelneau, IBOPE, Brazil

¨ Serge Lafrance, TRIG, USA

- Africa:

¨ Loula Zouklama, RadaResearch, Egypt

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